Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yellow Bugs

Just a quick visit to the blogosphere today, its ironic how Im only required to report for work for three hours a day but I still never seem to have enough time to finish the things on my To-Do list. Now in the plural form, by the way. Well, one of the things I put down on one of my lists (haha) is to organize and re-name the photos in my laptop. I came across this one which is a favorite of mine :)

My husband's prized possession is his 1966 volkswagen, its actually the one that sits inside our garage while my car bathes in the sun! I was hanging around our small garage the entire afternoon since my oven is at about the same spot where I took this photo and I didn't even notice the moth (it is a moth, right?) on the vents of the beetle until my brother pointed it out to me. I wasn't able to take a closer shot but the color of the moth is the same shade as our beloved bug :)

Here's to happiness in all shapes and sizes :) Hope you have a great week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Vacation

Just a quick blog about a trip my family and I went on last April. We desperately needed a break during this time and we went to one of the most beautiful islands in the country. White sand beaches, crystal clear waters rife with colorful fish and vibrant coral. Going through the photos now, I have to stop myself from checking for airfare promos :p

We prepared for this vacation and we made sure we brought our clay with us :) 

Hope you like them!

Enjoy your week!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I attended a polymer clay workshop last October 2010 and I've been "claying around" since then :) My sisters and I started an online shop called Thought of You ( and we do all kinds of things with clay. I know I'm still very new at this but here are some photos of the work we've done which I am exceptionally proud of.


Another one gets bitten by the blogging bug. I know that's probably what you are thinking. And it is true! I never imagined that I would do something like this. This isn't really my first blog, in fact, this is probably my third or fourth already. But unlike the others, which I started then didn't really bother maintaining, this one means so much to me and I am determined to see this through.

Hi! I'm Ling and aside from logging on to Facebook almost every day, I make sure I have enough time to peruse my favorite design blogs and artists and look through the beautiful handcrafted treasures on Etsy. I have just started working with polymer clay. I've even managed to 'recruit' my two younger sisters and showed them some claying techniques. Something I would regret later on since they picked up on this so quickly and now I am the one running after them for tips! We also have great fun silkscreen printing shirts that my sister, Alex, designs. I spend most my nights in front of the computer or at my desk with logs of clay in front of me. During most days, I listen to music and burrow into my bed and books.

Here's a fairly recent family picture :) I've got two more sisters based abroad and also in the photograph are my handsome brothers :p Believe it or not, we are still a bit subdued in this photo haha :)

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and I cant wait to share more pictures and stories with you :)