Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yellow Bugs

Just a quick visit to the blogosphere today, its ironic how Im only required to report for work for three hours a day but I still never seem to have enough time to finish the things on my To-Do list. Now in the plural form, by the way. Well, one of the things I put down on one of my lists (haha) is to organize and re-name the photos in my laptop. I came across this one which is a favorite of mine :)

My husband's prized possession is his 1966 volkswagen, its actually the one that sits inside our garage while my car bathes in the sun! I was hanging around our small garage the entire afternoon since my oven is at about the same spot where I took this photo and I didn't even notice the moth (it is a moth, right?) on the vents of the beetle until my brother pointed it out to me. I wasn't able to take a closer shot but the color of the moth is the same shade as our beloved bug :)

Here's to happiness in all shapes and sizes :) Hope you have a great week!

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