Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Belated Bead Swap

Have you ever joined a bead swap? Last July, the local clay guild that I am a part of had its first ever bead swap. It was my first full-scale 'activity' since I had to come up with 18 beads using only black and white clay. It seemed easy in the beginning because there weren't many rules: no size limit, no restrictions with design and shape. I was bursting with excitement and I was so eager to get started! Admittedly, I kind of crammed working on the beads until the last possible minute and realized belatedly how difficult it was to work with black and white clay!

Here are the beads I came up with, they're far from what I had in mind but I was pleased with the fact that I came up with 18 uniquely designed beads :)

I love the beads that I got in return! 
Look at how talented the members of my guild are!

Here are the names and sites of the artists that joined the bead swap, please check them out: 

Purpleluggage: https://www.facebook.com/purpleluggage
Little Creations Clay Shop: http://littlecreations.multiply.com/

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