Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi there!

I'm still here as you can see, I know it's been a while since my last post and I'm sorry for not checking in. How are you? If you're wondering how I'm doing, well, I'm almost ready to pop! The whole pregnancy thing, which has kept me busy these past few months, has boiled down to my last few weeks and my husband and I are getting pretty impatient.

I may not be blogging a lot but I have been reading a lot of blogs on pregnancy, breast feeding and preparing for motherhood. I still have many questions that I have not been able to find the answers to despite the help of Google, I assume experience will provide them to me at the right time.

For the meantime, I invite you to visit my belly gallery that I've set up on which documents my growing belly almost every week. I warn you - there will be stretchmarks! There will be huge, bulging bellies! Lol. This is also something that I highly encourage soon-to-be-mommies to do! It's incredibly fun to watch how your baby grows inside your stomach. And sometimes I look at it to remind me of how much weight I have to lose once baby is out haha!

I'm down to my 36th week and I only have a few weeks left, I'll keep you posted!

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