Saturday, July 4, 2015

Helpful breastfeeding sites and pages

Remember when I mentioned in this post that I would share with you some of the websites and forums that really helped me out when I started breastfeeding? Well, here goes! First, know that there's a wealth of information out there on the topic. You can actually go crazy with the number of resources open to you when you go online. After spending so much time researching in preparation for breastfeeding, I found that some articles would conflict with the information that I would read in another article. I started to get confused: one would say pumping milk is bad, the other would say pumping could increase your supply. Or one would say don't freeze your breastmilk while others would say it's perfectly okay to store your stash in the freezer. When it started to stress me out, I decided to select only a few websites that I would check regularly for tips and news. And they are (tan-tan-an-an!) ~
- A very organized website that explodes with information! Everything from how to establish a proper latch, how to deal with sore nipples and even breastfeeding children with special needs.
The Boob Geek
- Similar to Kellymom, this is an evidence-based breastfeeding support website from certified lactation consultants. Very insightful on some issues such as milk supplements and stuff.
La Leche League of the Philippines
- Something closer to home, this site gives information on certified lactation consultants depending on the area you are closest to.
Breastfeeding Pinays
- I didn't realize how important it is to have a support group when one decides to breastfeed. But honestly? The group of people behind Breastfeeding Pinays lend mothers so much support and encouragement and faith that they just bolster your confidence in breastfeeding. It is also another venue to air your concerns, and no matter how little you think your worries are, these moms freely share their tips, ideas and suggestions.
Mommy Mundo
- A page that basically shares information on events centered on breastfeeding, parenting, childbirth preparation, even seminars for your yaya or house help. These events also feature retailers and suppliers of things you may want for when your little one pops out.
If you're a visual person (like me) and think that tutorial videos are a gift from God, this is the video series that worked wonders for me. Especially after giving birth and my baby and I were still trying to figure out the right latch.
- I like the video on hand expression as well. Really, you won't need to look at other videos on breastfeeding after watching Dr. Jane Morton discuss it because these are very comprehensive.
So there you go, I hope this helps you and eases you as it did for me. Happy breastfeeding!

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